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Academic Curriculum: Afterword

The journey of a tobacco seed is long and storied. Very few seeds have the provenance or potential to become part of a great cigar or pipe tobacco. Those seeds that make the cut have to be handled by great craftsmen. Tobacco farmers, blenders, fermenters, rollers, pipe makers, and lovers of the leaf are all custodians of an incomparable magical and natural transformation.

Tobacconist University® hopes to have enhanced your understanding and respect for the venerable traditions of great cigar and luxury Tobacco makers. Without them we would have nothing to savor and tantalize our palates.

Remember that, the time it takes for a cigar to be nurtured is not over till it is smoked. Half of the enjoyment to be derived from a cigar or pipe tobacco comes from the time taken to smoke it. There is no hurrying a pipe or cigar: it will only develop properly at its own pace. Ultimately, luxury tobacco is more than a sensory experience, it is a conscious attempt to savor your time. Let that be the final lesson of Tobacconist University®.



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